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Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic Enclosure can be used in steel plant, power plant, cement plant, industrial sites and wherever undesired noise causes hurdle at workplace.

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Sliding Partition

Movable walls are used for better space utilization. It can be applied in Hotels, Multi-functions halls, Meeting Room, Convention Center, College and School, Banquet hall, Training rooms etc.

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Blast Resistant Door

Blast resistant door is one measure an owner may employ to minimize the risk to people and equipment from the hazards of accidental or intentional explosions.

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Heavy construction projects are often located near sound sensitive residential and office suites.  Large equipment used in construction activity such as demolition, horizontal drilling, pile driving, and earth moving generates noise that can be a nuisance to the community.  To reduce the impact of the construction noise, owners, engineers, and project managers typically install noise control barrier, Acoustic Curtain for security and safety of the construction site.  The temporary noise barrier also serves as the structure to support sound barriers.  This eliminates the need to erect a separate support structure or self-supporting noise control. They are best suitable for construction site noise control. They are often called as mobile noise barrier.

Our temporary noise barriers are engineered, designed, and manufactured specifically for noise control applications.  These rugged and durable sound blankets, or sound curtains, have several different assembly options depending on the client’s specific sound control needs. Construction site noise barrier or mobile noise barrier  are made for ease of installation and to the client’s specified height requirements.  The exterior facings of the Acoustic curtains can withstand very harsh environments and are designed to last through five years of continuous outdoor use.
Common applications for use of  construction site noise barrier :
⦁ Horizontal drilling or directional drilling for piping and geothermal heating systems
⦁ Highway bridge refurbishing and painting
⦁ Pile diving
⦁ Jackhammering
⦁ Dewatering pumps and gas compressors
⦁ Oil drilling
⦁ Any type of building construction in a residential area

Our temporary construction noise blankets are best for construction site noise control and it have been used on hundreds of job sites in all areas of the country including the major metropolitan areas Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bhopal etc..
Active Acoustic Engineers has many repeat clients in the construction field that come to us for temporary noise barrier or fences.  We provide our clients with the service, delivery, and price to exceed their expectations.  Call Active Acoustic Engineers Control to learn how we can help you with your construction barrier project.

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