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Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic Enclosure can be used in steel plant, power plant, cement plant, industrial sites and wherever undesired noise causes hurdle at workplace.

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Sliding Partition

Movable walls are used for better space utilization. It can be applied in Hotels, Multi-functions halls, Meeting Room, Convention Center, College and School, Banquet hall, Training rooms etc.

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Blast Resistant Door

Blast resistant door is one measure an owner may employ to minimize the risk to people and equipment from the hazards of accidental or intentional explosions.

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Higway noise barrier - Active Acoustic Engineers

In today’s era as government is focusing on road infrastructure and highways  the number of vehicles are increasing day by day and they produce high  noise which is one of the worst noise problem in India and also in other countries. Residents and communities are demanding better highway noise barriers and absorptive noise barrier from their local officials and buildings to protect from road noise.
Our highway noise barrier walls have proven to be very effective and durable in assisting with road noise reduction for over 24 years. We Active Acoustic Engineers are the leading noise barrier manufacturer in India.

Leading Noise Barrier, also known as Sound Blocker Wall from Active Acoustics, a sound barrier manufacturer, highway noise barrier, road noise barriers, sound fence panels designed to protect people who live in settlements and noise pollution. Are vulnerable. Loud noise can be disastrous for your health. Such walls are designed to absorb / reflect sound. A sound fence panel has a perforated external material to absorb noise, and a core of other materials bring sound waves into its path. This is helpful in keeping the sound close through the panel. Highway traffic is a major reason / culprit behind noise pollution. So, it is Compulsory to use highway noise barriers. 

Types of modern noise barrier solutions :

  • Sound barrier system

Polycarbonate noise barriers have been in use worldwide for almost 50 years & Active Acoustics have a successful track record in reducing environmental noise. It is widely used in schools and hospitals, docking, load-sensitive structures and bridges, bus depots, electrical substations, gun ranges, and military facilities. Noise barrier systems of this type have been designed to control noise in these areas.

  • Sound Absorbing Panel System

The mantle noise barrier is designed to be imprinted on current reflector barriers and surfaces or as an alternative to failing steel panels. The system weighs just 2 pounds per square foot. It is best for weight-sensitive structures; such as roofs or bridges. It is known for its durability of aluminum in extreme weather conditions and has been used in decades by many industries.

  • Mobile Noise Barriers

Mobile noise barriers are specifically designed for changing or temporary installations. They are simple to move, straighten, move and separate. You can use them at any time. Keep in mind that these portables are barrier free. So, they can be moved to Skytrack or something like this. They are completely sound-absorbing.

It is fully capable of absorbing most of the outside noise, such as –

  • Rail
  • Roads, Bridges and Highways
  • Electrical transformers and electric substations
  • Plants LNG Plants
  • Plants Power Generation Plant
  • Ground and Rooftop HVAC Systems
  • Water pumping and water treatment facilities
  • Natural Gas Transmission and Compression Sites
  • Construction Noise

Why choose Noise Barrier Walls?

  • Used in various applications
  • Different shapes, color and sizes to choose from
  • Easy to setup and straightforward


Type of Noise Barrier provided by Active Acoustic Engineers:

  1. Metallic Noise Barrier – Absorptive type
  2. Poly-Carbonate Noise Barrier – Reflective type

Use of sound absorptive Noise Barriers :

  • Highway Noise
  • Railway Noise
  • Banquet Hall Noise
  • Traffic Noise
  • Pavement Noise
  • Construction Noise

Problems Caused vehicles on road?

Active Noise Barrier®  can provide an effective traffic noise reduction solution!
Reflective Noise Barrier’s  material like concrete or brick wall bounce sound waves in different directions. Sound-absorptive barriers “kill” the sound waves that hit it, greatly reducing overall noise. Highway noise barriers and abatement solutions available for this very demanding application – with performance and longevity that beats all other sound wall products in their class.

Our highway sound barriers are by far the most effective barriers and noise abatement solution available. For the very demanding challenges in traffic and road/building construction sounds – our highly effective barriers outperform and outlast all other sound barrier walls products in their class.

Why are Absorptive Noise Barriers better than Reflective Noise Barriers?

The answer is simple: Absorptive sound reflective materials eliminate sound waves that hit them. Reflective materials merely bounce them in a different directions.

The Benefits of Absorptive Noise Barrier Materials.

While reflective products like concrete have been the traditional material for noise barrier walls and HVAC screen walls & enclosures, the advanced absorptive sound reflecting materials found in products present a much more effective abatement option.
Products like concrete or brick are reflective – they simply bounce sound waves off their surface in different directions. Our sound walls actually absorb or “kill” the sound waves that hit it…significantly reducing overall noise.
It is also common to see parallel sound walls on roadways. Reflective parallel sound walls often reduce the wall’s acoustical performance. The net result is less than optimal performance and increased noise levels on and adjacent to the roadway.
Absorptive parallel noise reducing walls reduce reflections and are able to maintain the effectiveness of the barrier. In addition, the overall noise level is reduced.

Why Use Our Absorptive Noise Barriers?

Sound barrier walls fall in one of two categories:

  • Reflective
  • Absorptive Panels   

Let’s compare the two to get a better understanding:
Absorptive Noise Barriers:

Absorptive noise barriers, on the other hand, don’t reflect sound. In fact, installing a fully-absorptive barrier system will eliminate the risk and problems of reflective noise altogether in any application.

Reflective Noise Barriers:

Sound Barriers without any added absorptive treatment or design, such as block, concrete, wood or metal, are considered reflective. This means, in the case of highway applications for example, that sound energy actually bounces from one side of the roadway to the other. Because there are often reflective barrier on both sides of the road, reflective noise reverberates between the barriers and the vehicles, pouring out into the adjacent neighborhoods. This reflective phenomenon can actually increase overall noise levels to the affected residences.
Truly effective sound attenuation panels requires the use of sound-absorptive treatments, and no topical or textural treatments applied to reflective noise barrier wall material that are equal to the sound absorption qualities of the Sound Barrier.
Used in a wide variety of applications ranging from highways noise barrier and airports to loading docks and schools, the noise barrier is  the ideal solution for virtually any outdoor noise mitigation requirement. We Active Acoustic Engineers have 24 year of experience and we are the leading noise barrier manufacturer.

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