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Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic Enclosure can be used in steel plant, power plant, cement plant, industrial sites and wherever undesired noise causes hurdle at workplace.

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Sliding Partition

Movable walls are used for better space utilization. It can be applied in Hotels, Multi-functions halls, Meeting Room, Convention Center, College and School, Banquet hall, Training rooms etc.

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Blast Resistant Door

Blast resistant door is one measure an owner may employ to minimize the risk to people and equipment from the hazards of accidental or intentional explosions.

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Acoustic Enclosure / Noise Enclosure

Acoustic Enclosure
Acoustic Enclosure

We are a leading acoustic enclosure manufacturer-soundproof generator canopy for 5 KVA to 2000 KVA DG Acoustic enclosure sets and turbine acoustic enclosures in India. 

Acoustic treatment for heavy machine noise enclosures, generator canopies, soundproof operator cabins, and test chambers, sound proof enclosures, compressor enclosures, room acoustics, and industrial noise control.

We are India’s leading and reliable manufacturer of plant noise control acoustic products namely noise barrier, acoustic hanging baffles, acoustic hoods, eco control baffles for sound resonance control on the shop floor. 

We also design and manufacture the Shore Test Chamber, NVH Booth, and anechoic chamber for automobile and home appliance testing.

Active acoustics offers a wide range of products that can also be customized to the customer’s preference. Our technical team is an expert to resolve your issue and provide the best solution. 

Our acoustic enclosures come with advanced technology by which various types of challenges in terms of noise can be dealt with professionally.

We at “Active acoustics” designed the structural work of machines and generators, canopies, soundproof cabins, and engineering side supports for layout and designing as well as meeting acoustic structural and air ventilation requirements without affecting DG acoustic performance. Offer. 

Active acoustics provides soundproofing solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential spaces. 

We also remove noise areas from silent/office areas to deal with soundproof operator cabins, acoustically insulated ducts, acoustic louvers, sound attenuators, soundproof doors, acoustic cabins, acoustic booths, and industrial noise barriers.

Active Acoustics has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing DG acoustic enclosures and noise enclosures. From standard proprietary models to custom-designed full turn-key solutions. 

We work closely with consultants and users to address complex noise problems across a wide range of industries and other applications. Similarly,  DG sets, Noise Control Enclosure. Sound Proof Enclosure.

Active acoustics designs and provides acoustic attachments that can be effectively used in many of the following applications:

  1. Air Compressor Acoustic Enclosure
  2. Air blower acoustic enclosure
  3. CNC machine noise enclosure
  4. Cement panel blower & grinding machine noise enclosure
  5. Acoustic enclosure for noise-generating machine
  6.  Power Press & Fin Press Noise Enclosure
  7. Electrical motor and transformer acoustic enclosure
  8. AC Fin Press Acoustic Enclosure
  9. Punch Press Enclosure
  10. Soundproof operator cabin
  11. Glass Crusher Acoustic Enclosure
  12. Sheet cutting machine acoustic enclosure
  13. Noise Testing Room / NVH Testing Room / Quiet Room
  14. Engine test cell & dyno test cell acoustic treatment
  15. Wind turbine noise control enclosure
  16. AC and Home Appliance Noise Testing Booth
  17. Machine Noise Control Sound Blocker
  18. Wire winding machine acoustic enclosure
  19. Vertical lift doors and “L” type doors with machine lift
  20. anechoic chamber
  21. The cm / Hemi anechoic chamber provides for ISO 3744 and 3745
  22. Noise Test Booth for Conveyor Line and R&D Test Lab
  23. Noise barrier to control industrial noise
  24. Industrial Silencer, Acoustic Louvre, Sound Attenuators.

Above all this, Each Machine enclosure is cost-effectively designed to meet the most demanding of customer noise specifications. It is often associated with complex application, access and/or environmental challenges.

Get a perfectly customized Noise Control Enclosure solutions from Active Acoustic Engineers, Leading DG Acoustic enclosureDG Acoustic enclosure Manufacturers in India. Sound Proof Enclosure.

 NOTE: We are an Acoustic Enclosure Manufacturer


  • CSCA or Pre –galvanised mild sheet steel.
  • Wide range of access and viewing options including single and double leaf, hinged and sliding doors for access and glazed viewing panels.
  • Natural, free-flow ventilation systems or fan assisted ventilation systems to provide cooling for equipment. 
  • Electical wiring and Internal lighting, 
  • Various finishes including polyester powder, epoxy and wet paint systems, all available in a range of colors.
  • Lifting provisions including mechanical lifting lugs.
  • Fire and gas detection and suppression systems.
  • Project Management.
  • Finite Element Analysis and capability to design to onerous blast loads(optional).
  • Our enclosure range has been tested to ISO/IS Standards for 50 STC value,  thus we are able to offer accurate performance data for close fitting  applications.


  • Compressor Machine Enclosure.
  • Air Blower Acoustic Enclosure.
  • CNC Machine Noise Enclosure.
  • Cement Plant Blower Sound Enclosure.
  • Big Noise Generating Machine Sound Enclosure.
  • Power Press Acoustic Enclosure.
  • Electrical Motor Noise Enclosure.
  • AC Fin Press Sound Enclosure.
  • Punch Press Enclosure.
  • Sound Proof Operator Cabin.
  • Glass Crusher Sound Proof Enclosure.
  • MS Sheet Cutting Machine Enclosure.
  • Engine Test Cell Acoustic Insulation.
  • Wind Turbine Noise Control.
  • AC Noise Testing Booth.
  • Machine Noise Control Barrier.
  • Wire Winding Machine Enclosure.
  • Machine Enclosure with Vertical Lift doors.
  • Compressor Enclosure.
  • Anechoic Chamber.
  • Noise Test Booth.
  • Noise Control Enclosure.
  • Noise Test Chamber.
  • Industrial Silencer.
Noise Enclosure


Noise enclosures, (also known as acoustic enclosures), are an important design element in bringing industrial, process, and manufacturing facilities to secure noise levels for a better work environment.

Designed to capture a noise source or those affected by noise, the proper design of a noise enclosure will take into account operator and maintenance access, ventilation, safety codes, air quality and potential requirements for progress and future expansion.

Industrial and Environmental Applications

Applications that greatly benefit from acoustic enclosures include control rooms, plastic Granulators, in-line product testing stations, backup power generators, compressors, construction equipment, positive display blowers, test rooms, vacuum blowers, air-cooled checkers, cooling towers, waste water Are included. Treatment is included. Plants, generators, fans, and blowers.


Product Features:

Noise enclosures have pre-engineered, modular acoustic metal panels (“building blocks”), which are used to control and reduce excessive noise levels in industrial, commercial, institutional, and community environments. 

Can be configured and assembled into type structures. . The module is particularly suitable for applications combined with high noise reduction or rugged durability of 40 decibels.

  • Available sound and vibration separate flooring systems
  • Design for internal and external installation sites
  • Available Noise-Lock® Sound Control Door and Window System
  • Installation services that can be included in the scope of IAC acoustics supplies

Acoustic Enclosure Walls, Ceilings & Floors

  • Moisture protection for absorption material prevents ingress of volatile or corrosive liquids
  • sound absorption system minimizes reproducible construction within existing “hard” structures

Acoustic Enclosure Doors and Other Accessories

  • Single-double-leaf “cam-lift”, no-cell personnel doors. Clear opening for 8 14 x 14 (2438 x 4267 mm). A special design is available for large openings.
  • panic hardware
  • Manual and automatic single and double-leaf sliding doors
  • Access plug for local access
  • Double-glazed window units provide visibility at any loss of acoustic integrity
  • UL fire-rated doors – 3 hours – up to 42 10 x 90 10 (1067 x 2286 mm) single leaf clear opening. 84 86 x 90 86 (2134 x 2286 mm) double-leaf clear opening.

Acoustic enclosure standard material

  • Cold-rolled steel and galvanized steel with a durable powder-coated finish

Sound enclosure ventilation

  • Wide range of acoustic and aerodynamic rated silencers for general and most accurate requirements

Optional sound enclosure material

  • All galvanized construction
  • Special stainless construction – contact IAC Acoustics for additional details

Fire resistance rating

The UL-labeled Fire-Noise-Lock ™ panel ships certifying 1-hour (solid side) and 1.5-hour (abrupt side) fire ratings. Doors are certified and ship with UL fire rating for up to 3 hours.

Blast resistance

Module structures and components with doors remaining after the explosion can be designed to withstand blast loads – please contact the factory for details.

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  1. Size: small or big size enclosure as per design requirement.
  2. Material: Steel sheet- plain and perforated, rock-wool.
  3. Waterproof: IP66
  4. Fire Resistant: Yes.
  5. Air Ventilation: Design as per heat load.


  • Polyester powder coating.
  • Epoxy paint.
  • Wet paint.
  • All available in  RAL  colors range.

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